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Racetech offers the lightest Carbon Kevlar Auto Racing Seats available.

More About Racetech

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! New Zealand race seat manufacturer Racetech, is celebrating the homologation approval of 4 new racecar seats by the FIA, under the new 8862-2009 safety standards. Designing for the high end of the saloon and rally car market, Racetech is seating drivers in the World Rally Championships, Grand AM, Speed World Challenge, ALMS in the US and the winners of the Bathurst and V2 Supercars in Australia. Spearheaded by CEO David Black, Racetech's international reputation continues to grow as they keep pace with the continuously evolving demands placed on today's teams and drivers to drivers. While recognizing the seat is not simply a tool to allow the drivers to drive, but a critical part of weight reduction, ease of operation and safety for the driver. Racetechs close working relationship with the FIA reinforces their commitment to manufacture the lightest, safest, commercially available race seat in the world. Racetech expanded their international road race seat technology to introduce the first ever Carbon Kevlar Sprint Car and Midget seats. Racetech seats Carbon Kevlar built specifally for open wheel race cars. The most technically advanced full containment seat available today. Designed and developed for enhanced safety and protection by professional race car drivers and chassis builders. Weighing in at an average of 1/3 less than most full containment seats makes this the lightest full containment seat on the market. Available in five sizes, our seat not only offers maximum driver comfort and support, but also increases penetration protection over standard alumimum seats. The adjustable seat mounts and modular padding kits make this the most customizable full containment seat you can buy of the shelf, with little or no waiting. Approved for competition by the World of Outlaws, USAC, ALL Stars and most major sanctioning bodies.