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ATL Racing Fuel Cells
For over 35 years, ATL Fuel Cells are the racers overwhelming favorite for all types of racing.

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Items 1-12 of 16

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Items 1-25 of 40

More About ATL Racing Fuel Cells

Pit Stop USA is The Online Motorsports Superstore! Fuel Cells are sophisticated safety fuel tanks for race cars, stunt cars, race boats, rally cars, off-road vehicles, aircraft and military equipment. Over the past 40 years, ATL has clearly demonstrated that fuel cells offer fire and explosion protection far in excess of any conventional gasoline or diesel tank. The ATL Fuel Cell system is comprised of an impact resistant rubberized “bladder” filled with explosion suppressant foam baffling and outfitted with a leak-tight cap and fittings. Additional safety equipment frequently includes roll-over check valves and a metal container to deflect impacts and to serve as a flame shield.

ATL doesn’t forget about the performance aspect of racing either. ATL proudly designs and builds the lightest, strongest and most flexible fuel bladders on the market. These light-weight fuel cells can be engineered and constructed with innovative features and accessories such as weight-biasing (to ensure a low, forward center of gravity in oval-track applications), built-in surge-tanks and collectors (to utilize every last drop of fuel without starvation) and integrated high or low pressure fuel pumps/lift pumps. Not only can you be fast on track, but thanks to ATL’s ultra-quick refueling equipment, you can also be the fastest on pit road. Valuable seconds can be lost while performing a pit-stop, but with ATL’s variety of dry breaks, dump cans and refueling valves, you can drive off of pit road in record time.

All of these refined ATL components, working in harmony, provide the serious racer and hobbyist alike with outstanding protection against fuel spillage, postcrash fire and explosion. It has been professionally estimated that the ATL-type fuel cell has prevented 95% to 98% of the fuel fires that otherwise would have erupted in high speed racing accidents.We feature ATL Sports Cell Fuel Cells, ATL Super Cell Fuel Cells, ATL Dirt Late Model Sports-LM Fuel Cells, ATL Sprint Cup Bladders, ATL Sprint Car Fuel Cells and ATL NASCAR Fuel Cells at low everyday prices!


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